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As a corporate speaker and therapist to overthinkers and overdoers, I have the inside scoop on what employees and clients are looking for in their partnerships. We acknowledge that strong mental wellness is a full time job, and the Nine to Kind Possibility Planner is the perfect gift to accompany their wellness journey. This planner was created from the demand of a tool to tackle burnout. Imagine the possibilities of how the Nine to Kind Possibility Planner can strengthen your brand.

Bypass the mugs & pens this year and give the gift of self compassion through the Nine to Kind Possibility Planner.

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1. Undated: The Nine to Kind Possibility Planner is undated, so people can start anytime! This makes it a great option for new hires, annual reviews, podcast guests, or new clients onboarding. Hosting an event? No matter the time of year, your guests will feel like they are receiving a high end gift they can use that day. The perfect gift for any time of year!

2. Available: Ordering between 10-100 planners? We have in-stock options that can be at your doorstep in two weeks! A last minute gift can still feel personal and intentional!

3. Elevated: Aesthetic. Beautiful. Gorgeous. All words that customers have used when describing the Nine to Kind Possibility Planner. High end finishes like linen covers, durable paper, and visually pleasing typography will make an impact to those who are gifted it.

4. Personable: With customizations possible, you can add personalized details through embossed logos, colors, and cover styles. We can work with you to add your own touch!

5. Lasting Impact: We are called Nine to Kind because taking care of yourself is a full time job! Planners are used daily, multiple times a day—they are on the go just like you! When they are at their desk working or planning their next self-care vacation, you get an opportunity to remind them of your brand and services with an item they touch daily.

6. High Demand: The planner market was valued at 1020 million USD in 2022 and is projected to increase to 1472.98 million USD by 2031 (via Business Research Insights). Bring up planners and notebooks in any setting, you will see the passion behind everyone’s personal choice. Planners are a gift that people are excited to receive and will use religiously. 

7. Inclusive: Planners are adaptable and universally used! Led by a mental health professional, Nine to Kind strived to create a product that works for various neurotypes, cultures, and ways of life. From the important dates list to self care ideas, many walks of life were considered.

8. Relationship Building: The Nine to Kind community was built on values of accountability, honesty, authenticity, and exploration. When you gift the Nine to Kind Possibility Planner, you invite others into an open community striving to be better in all aspects of their life. 

9. Philanthropy: Nine to Kind gives a portion of profits to Healing in the Margins as a way to expand mental health support for marginalized communities. Each quarter, our contributions pay for therapy sessions, therapist trainings, and DEI programming for corporations. 

Ready to join the Nine to Kind Community? Let’s make it happen.

9 Reasons Why our planner is the Perfect Corporate Gifting Option:

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past partners

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Great! Planner orders of 100 or more have the option for customization. This process takes 6-10 weeks depending on the customization and shipping times. Please email us at or fill out the form below to chat further about your possible personalization options!

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kind words

kind words

"I’ve only been using the planner for one week and the way it has slowed my brain down and taught me how to give myself more grace makes me think there’s some secret magic spell inside they aren’t telling us about."

"This planner has helped me reshape what’s actually important and has helped me see that being kind to myself is the only way to beat the mental health struggles I face. I can’t wait to keep using this, I’m seriously blown away.” 

"There are so many positive things to say about the nine to kind planner. You can tell from the first page that this planner was created by someone who understands what it is like to be a human being in this day and age."

"There is intentionality and thought on every page, not just on how to plan your day successfully but how to take care of yourself and ultimately create a healthier life. It is very obvious that this planner is designed to help folks create space to take care of themselves."

"I am obsessed with this planner. It is me. It understands me. It empowers me. It loves me. I love it. And the black and gold is classy. Love!"

"I’m in love. She’s gorgeous. She’s functional. The layout of the pages are easy to read and so intuitive. I cannot wait to dive into the content. The loop for a bookmark and pen?!?! I’m obsessed."

"I love the front section with the prompted tools/assignments. Also love that they planner pages aren’t already set with dates! Not every week is busy for me so it just wastes pages when planners already have dates on them! Also not boring self care ideas is GENIUS."

"i love that This planner not only helps organize your life, but it will help create change AND healing in others by donating funds to Healing in the Margins, a nonprofit dedicated to creating change in mental health for BIPOC and the LGBTQIA+ community!"