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our values

our values





03.) Our mission.

02.) Our story.

After years of research, brainstorming, and building, Nine to Kind was born! With the help of like-minded individuals, Lauren created a planning system that helps you find your way into more compassion, flexibility and possibilities. Nine to Kind was built with those who are doing the most in mind. The planner—and most importantly the community—was brought together to be a space where we could all feel supported and understood. Our hope is that when you close your Possibility Planner each day you have an understanding of your present intention, and are reminded that you are enough no matter how many tasks on your to-do list got marked off. 

01.) Our founder.

On the go since birth, Lauren has lived many lives that all started (and ended) with burnout. What filled those lives evolved, but the core-themes of performance and procrastination remained the same. While building her own practice and balancing motherhood, she finally listened to her body that was begging for a break. This led to a years-long shift of gaining an attitude of accommodation. Now her days are filled with meaningful work, incorporated breaks, walks, and time outside of her role as a therapist and speaker. Developing Nine to Kind was a way to build a system of compassionate accountability not only for others, but most importantly herself.

She found herself face-to-face with a planner that made her feel like crap, filled with space untouched or avoided. So often, the worksheets and habit trackers were reminders of what she didn’t accomplish. Lauren’s therapy practice was full of perfectionists and people pleasers who would grab their planners each week to schedule their next session. Lauren realized that planners were probably the only thing her clients looked at on a daily basis (even more than instagram) and likely felt the same way about unchecked boxes. There needed to be a planner that wasn’t solely focused on goals, one that considered the whole person and not just the one performing.

* Licensed therapist since 2017
* Coffee Order: Cuban or Pistachio Latte
* dj & nhl dancer in a previous life
* National mental health speaker
* One & done mama, Husband is the CESO
* Dedicated messy areas: car and closet
* Loves karaoke, cannot sing

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About Lauren:

(chief emotional
   support officer)

We are a gaggle of overthinkers and overdoers just trying to make sense of our lived-in lives. Welcome to our ever-growing community where we believe in progress over perfection, embracing the chaos, and showing ourselves compassion along the way. 

They say it takes a village, and we agree.

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kind words

kind words

"I’ve only been using the planner for one week and the way it has slowed my brain down and taught me how to give myself more grace makes me think there’s some secret magic spell inside they aren’t telling us about."

"This planner has helped me reshape what’s actually important and has helped me see that being kind to myself is the only way to beat the mental health struggles I face. I can’t wait to keep using this, I’m seriously blown away.” 

"There are so many positive things to say about the nine to kind planner. You can tell from the first page that this planner was created by someone who understands what it is like to be a human being in this day and age."

"There is intentionality and thought on every page, not just on how to plan your day successfully but how to take care of yourself and ultimately create a healthier life. It is very obvious that this planner is designed to help folks create space to take care of themselves."

"I am obsessed with this planner. It is me. It understands me. It empowers me. It loves me. I love it. And the black and gold is classy. Love!"

"I’m in love. She’s gorgeous. She’s functional. The layout of the pages are easy to read and so intuitive. I cannot wait to dive into the content. The loop for a bookmark and pen?!?! I’m obsessed."

"I love the front section with the prompted tools/assignments. Also love that they planner pages aren’t already set with dates! Not every week is busy for me so it just wastes pages when planners already have dates on them! Also not boring self care ideas is GENIUS."

"i love that This planner not only helps organize your life, but it will help create change AND healing in others by donating funds to Healing in the Margins, a nonprofit dedicated to creating change in mental health for BIPOC and the LGBTQIA+ community!"